Children’s Writers group starting in Springfield

Hi everyone,

I recently heard from Steve Tomajcyk (pronounced two-MY-cheek), a published author who not long ago moved to Springfield. Discovering no organized group for aspiring children’s writers in town, Steve decided to establish one.

Steve invited me to attend his inaugural meeting, to be held on Saturday, April 18, from 11:00 – 2:00, location to be announced, to speak to the group about the children’s market and how to write for it. I look forward to it. Missouri needs more children’s writers. We have our share of creative people here and our heritage is rich with stories to tell. I applaud Steve and wish him well in his efforts to bring writers together to encourage and support their efforts to fit their voices into the children’s market.

If you live in the drivable area around Springfield and/or know someone who does and might be interested in attending this historic meeting, please plan to come and share the news. For further information, you can reach Steve at Reach4TheStarzz@Gmail. I’ll also post updates as I receive them.

5 comments on “Children’s Writers group starting in Springfield

  1. This sounds like such a great idea! Sure wish I lived closer. Best of luck to Steve and everyone who attends.

    (PS – I love Steve’s last name! I’m fascinated with all of the last names there are in the world, and love to watch Jeopardy to see the names of the contestants. That’s almost as fun to me as trying to answer the questions!)

    • Wish you could be here, too, Su. Some years ago another group formed for the same purpose but it didn’t last too long before disbanding. I hope this one does better.

  2. Sounds good! I live in the remote northern Adirondack wilderness where I mostly stick to online groups! We do have an SCBWI that is an hour away but sometiems the 2 of us from Saranac Lake are the only ones who come… Did you know SCBWI has over 20,000 members – that’s a lot of folks who aim to write for kids! I’m still pre-published in the children’s book arena… so wish me luck and meeting the right people. I have published 2 chapbooks of poems as well as a couple nonfiction adult books and some poems in anthologies & journals.

    • Hi, Yvona. I belong to SCBWI, too, and have given keynotes at a couple of conferences. It’s a good organization. I’m sorry you are so isolated but it’s impressive that you go to the effort of getting to meetings when you can. I do wish you luck. I remember listening to Wilson Rawls talk about his isolation in Kentucky when he struggled to become a writer and finally produced WHERE THE RED FERN GROWS.

      • Thank you David. Fortunately there is a lot of online stuff now. My best critique group is online and one of the members lives in New Zealand! Our eastern upstate NY region is so large we have 4 cell groups but the closest (and most remote one) in Plattsburgh is still an hour from me. The two closer to Albany have a larger turnout but it would be a three-hour drive each way.

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