AFTER DARK is out today! And blog tour stop #9

ANNOUNCEMENT: Jena Benton’s host blog post just went up and it’s wonderful. Please go see it at

Hi everyone,

Today is the day! AFTER DARK, POEMS ABOUT NOCTURNAL ANIMALS is now officially available. I look forward to learning how it is accepted in the busy market place and hope to see reader reviews start popping up on Amazon and B&N sites.

This also marks stop #9 on the blog tour to help introduce the new collection of poems. This was Jena Benton’s suggestion so it seems altogether fitting that Jena is today’s host. She will post at Simply 7, the exact address to be announced this morning when her post is up. I’m eager to see how she goes about marking this important day for a new book. Thank you, Jena.

9 comments on “AFTER DARK is out today! And blog tour stop #9

  1. Woot woot!! The 2nd grade kids were so excited when I read And the Bullfrogs Sing to them…and are anxiously awaiting to hear After Dark! I’m with them all next week, so I hope B&N gets it to me quickly! Congrats, friend!

    • Thank you, Buffy. I’ve worried a lot about overkill. This is my first effort with a blog tour and I didn’t know how many stops to have. I think the saving grace has been that everyone has done such a good job and made each post so different. Today’s post by Jena is a great example of what I mean.

  2. Hi David! Happy Book Birthday!
    I’m up early and yesterday the link didn’t lead to your post yet. Today I get a 404 – page not found error.
    My presentation about your poetry to my poetry (who are all adults, and most are ‘seniors’) yesterday went well, everyone enjoyed the poems i chose.

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