Gems shining in the darkness

My thanks to Su Hutchens for posting the first review of AFTER DARK on Amazon. Yay!

Hi everyone,

(Photo by Nathan Papes, Springfield News-Leader)

Little by little the humor is beginning to find its way through the dark shadows. The seriousness of our situation has not diminished but the human ability to smile through tears is needed as much as ever. Bless those who are finding ways to discover bits of humor among the chaos.

On other matters, yesterday a representative from one of our local TV stations came to the house and borrowed a dozen copies of my books so they can be read to children as part of their planned website program. I was delighted of course. As part of the plan I’ll read one of the books myself during an interview sometime this next week or so.

After the fellow left I started to gather a stack of my most recent titles so I could make some videos of my own to share online. A growing number of authors are posting their videos and many are quite charming. I just watched one by Floyd Cooper that is really terrific. I discovered I only had a copy of two of the five titles I need. I’m out of CRAWLY SCHOOL FOR BUGS, AND THE BULLFROGS SING, and A PLACE TO START A FAMILY and must now order from three publishers and wait for their shipments to arrive before I can finish my videos.

This weekend I’ll try my luck with readings from AFTER DARK and NOW YOU SEE THEM, NOW YOU DON’T. I’m sure I’ll need to practice anyway. Yesterday as a warm up I sat in front of the screen and made faces for two minutes. Now that should give the little darlings something to really be scared of. I can’t find the recording now but that’s a good thing.