Making a home video

Hi everone,

I’ve finished two videos and am working on how to share them with folks who want them. Here’s a picture from the one of me reading from AFTER DARK, POEMS ABOUT NOCTURNAL ANIMALS.

I think it turned out okay, maybe not as good as the videos taken with Mary Jo Fresch when we were in a professional recording studio in California, but still not too bad for a home video.

But things aren’t always what they seem so I thought I should share the back story of my videos, in case kids might want to make some videos of their own during these weeks when they are being schooled at home. Here is me practicing in my “sound booth.”

14 comments on “Making a home video

  1. I love it, David. We do the best we can with what we’ve got! I’m doing a Zoom visit for an 8th grade class. The teacher and I are recording it Thursday evening, and I expect to look much like you in the last picture, as I attempt to show them some spine poetry and concrete poetry. Carry on!

  2. LOL LOL LOL LOL!!! Is that the guest bathroom? This is awesome David! Thanks for sharing! LOL LOL LOL!! I can’t stop laughing!!! Thanks for the fun this morning!

  3. David’s Recording Studio

    I had to get creative
    and find a place to read.
    The task at hand was pressing
    School kids are much in need!

    I stalked the house while searching
    (I should have made a plan!)
    I needed just the perfect place…
    and then I saw the “can!”

    Woo hoo! Such inspiration!
    I’d sit upon the “pot!”
    No one would ever know it…
    a head and shoulders shot!

    Alas, I’m just too honest…
    confessed my chosen room.
    But hey – I know my antics
    Sure chased away some gloom!

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