Word of the Month Poetry Challenge word for April is . . .

Hi everyone,

I’ve never played an April Fool’s Day prank. Have you? I’d be interested in hearing one you’ve played or had played on you. Want to share with us? Might be fun.

Meanwhile, I’ve chosen FOOL as the Word of the Month for April. I think it has a lot of potential. Let’s see what you do with it.

If you know any teachers who are looking for meaningful activities for their students working from home, remind them of the Word of the Month Poetry Challenge for kids. Seems like the perfect time for them to join in the fun. Besides, April is National Poetry Month!

Stay safe.

11 comments on “Word of the Month Poetry Challenge word for April is . . .

  1. Old One: A True Story

    No fool like an old one,
    then I am the fool,
    romancing at 80
    with a boy met in school.

    We dated at nineteen,
    each married another.
    As I sort of recall,
    We were sister and brother.

    Foolish as teeners?
    Well. less foolish now.
    We’ve discovered, uncovered,
    and fallen in WOW!

    April first is a day for lovers
    of all ages.

    Jane Yiolen

  2. Time at Home

    Stuck at home,
    can’t go play.
    Wish I could just
    teach today!

    Miss those kids
    and all they do.
    Wonder if they
    miss me too?

    Cooking, reading,
    writing poems.
    Things to do
    while stuck in homes.

    Make the best of
    current trends.
    Hope and pray
    this sickness ends!

    Won’t waste my days
    like some ole fool.
    I’ll keep learning
    just like school!

  3. This isn’t your typical prank, but I was supposed to deliver my first son, Philip, on April fourth, but instead he arrived on April fool’s Day. Maybe it was his very first April Fool’s prank.

  4. Everyone is expecting pranks on this day so it’s hard to pull one on anyone. I guess the realistic fabric snake I put in my kitchen window is the closest I’ve gotten to a prank. I had to peel my husband off the ceiling. For a while we took turns putting it in places that would surprise each other. Speaking of fool, there’s a wonderful poetry book with “fool” as the main character that I would recommend: Ship of Fool by William Trowbridge. (Former poet laureate of Missouri) Great writing that is often laugh-out-loud funny!

  5. I saw this on FB from my daughter, old, but great for today & the times we’re living: “It’s April, Fools” – Punctuation Matters!” – The prank I’ve played on a few through the years is what was called ‘short-sheeting’. Make the bed, but instead of putting the whole top sheet on, fold it up in the middle so that it looks like there is a ‘bottom’ & a ‘top’. That’s it! Happy April Fool’s Day!

  6. Fooling Around

    He nodded for her to look to his right
    where she might see man who shadowed them all evening walking
    through circle brighter in the night
    shining across street from lamp light dim
    Do you know him
    Do I why she replied back confronting with her big blue eyes
    for they were far past put on innocent bluff of disguises
    He had wishful doubts she would ever be any wiser
    to try solving this mystery man from which they could no longer hide
    Would she ever think to ask if he thought who was following them
    was her husband’s or his wife’s private eye

    William Joe Pyles

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