Poetry Pals kicks off this week

Hi everyone,

Let me tell you about POETRY PALS, a wonderful new show that will start airing this Wednesday morning at 9:45 on KSMU public radio in Springfield, Missouri and continue every Wednesday at 9:45 at least through July 1. It’s the result of a collaboration between KSMU and Springfield-Greene County Public Libraries with input from me.

Each segment of POETRY PALS will last five minutes as a different reader reads poems for children. I kick things off this first week by reading from AFTER DARK. Readers for the weeks following will be librarians from Springfield-Greene County Libraries. This is part of the announcement from Jennifer Moore, News Director & Content Coordinator, KSMU – Ozarks Public Radio.

“I’m thrilled to announce that we’re officially launching POETRY PALS on KSMU, an on-air program of poems aimed at elementary school kids in our region . . . I’m particularly proud that this appears to be a one-of-its-kind project — and also that it will reach many children who do not have internet access in our extensive listening area. This is especially important at a time when there’s so much emphasis on “virtual” learning. ”

I’m very happy to see an all-poetry program for children going on-air. Does anyone know of a similar program anywhere in the country? Springfield metro area covers five counties over a 3,000 square mile area with a combined population of 468,000 people. I don’t know the exact viewing area of KSMU, but there’s no question that a large number of children will have an opportunity to tune into the show if their families know about it. Please help me spread the word if you live in the area or have friends and relatives who do. Many thanks.

An important P.S. Jennifer Moore has reminded me that kids around the world can listen to live streaming at http://www.ksmu.org!

10 comments on “Poetry Pals kicks off this week

    • Thank you very much, Michelle. I’m excited to be part of the program and hope it takes off and lasts far beyond July.

  1. What a gift to the children of Missouri! And so proud that you are, and right so, starting the poetry readings! I hope this gets national press and every state will do a similar program.

    • Laura, I’m delighted to see this program going live on-air. And Jennifer Moore just reminded me that kids around the world can listen to live streaming at http://www.ksmu.org!. Isn’t that fantastic?

  2. Another amazing way to reach kids (and adults!) with poetry! Like Laura, I hope this catches on across the country!

    Here’s hoping you have a wonderful week, my friend!

    • Good morning, Su, and thank you. I’m off to get my teeth cleaned. Now I’ll have a reason to show off my nice fresh smile!

  3. wow David, this sounds awesome. I hope it gets aired on other NPR stations too and I hope it spreads with similar programs around the country.

    • I’m afraid to sit still, Linda. Then my M.O.W. thinks I’m loafing and I wind up trimming the hedge or power washing the patio.

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