Radio interview today on KWTO

Hi everyone,

This morning at 10:00 (CST) I’ll be on the W-Factor, a radio talk show hosted by Larry Freund and David Eslick, which airs on Springfield station KWTO 560 AM (93.3 FM repeater). Including fringe areas, the show reaches audiences in the six state area of Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa.

I always enjoy being on the show and look forward to talking about various developments since my last chance to visit with Larry and David. I hope you’ll tune in if you’re within range of the broadcast. As time permits we take calls from listeners during the program so let us know if you have a question and we’ll see if we can respond on air. The station’s number is 417-207-3392.

10 comments on “Radio interview today on KWTO

    • Good morning, dear Jane. My mother would be proud that you noticed. As I sprouted in height she was the one who always reminded me to keep my shoulders back and not slouch when I sat or walked. Lesson learned. XO

    • This was a great show, David! So glad I was able to tune in and ask a question, as well! As always – it was great to hear your voice.

      • Thanks for calling, Su! I was so glad you did and appreciated your effort as well as the great question. Hugs!

      • You’re welcome, David! I really enjoyed the show. Felt like I was listening to three friends chatting and having a great time together!

  1. Hi David, I enjoyed listening to you this morning on KWTO. I tried to call in but didn’t make it. I heard Susan:) My question–you are such a home boy of Missouri–is there any other place you might have considered to live?

    • Good question, Marie! (It took me three different numbers until I got the right one.)

      I actually grew up in Missouri…and always tell Danny that I’d move back in a heartbeat. Of course, I wouldn’t want to leave the girls out here, though. I think Missouri is so pretty!

    • Oh Marie, I’m so sorry you couldn’t get through. You weren’t the only one. A guy who called just as they signed off the air asked if he could talk to me anyway so I took his call on the phone. Thank you very much for listening to the show. I lived in Arizona when I was a kid and have a love for that state. Also, we used to vacation in Colorado so I could live there too. Sandy is more of a city person than I am. She might be happy back in Kansas City or in Chicago.

  2. You have been around! I didn’t know that you had lived in Arizona–I love that area too. Roland had some school visits In Arizona before the Covid19 issue. We stayed in Gilbert, which has a wonderful Riparian wildlife preserve great for taking photos. City life has its appeal:))

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