About June and Poetry Pals and conferences and poems

Hi everyone,

Have you tuned into “Poetry Pals,” the on-air 5-minute segments of readers reading children’s poetry being broadcast on KSMU Public Radio each Wednesday morning at 9:45 CST? The program is a collaboration of KSMU, Springfield-Greene County Library District, and me. I hope you’ll provide your support by listening to the program and sending the station comments of appreciation for what they are doing in care of News Director Jennifer Moore (jennifermoore@missouristate.edu ). You can hear the segments from anywhere in the world via the station’s website live streaming. Here again is how you can find it. Tomorrow will be the third in the series. I did the first one and yesterday I prerecorded a second episode that might be used at a later date. It’s great fun and I hope to see the audience continue to grow each week. Tell everyone you know! Here’s how to find the 5-minute program.
91.1 FM in Springfield
90.5 FM in Point Lookout/Branson;
90.3 FM in West Plains;
88.7 FM in Mountain Grove;
98.9 FM in Joplin;
103.7 FM in Neosho
And wherever you are you can find it at KSMU-Ozarks Public Radio live-streaming on its website, http://www.ksmu.org.

In other matters, NCTE (National Council for Teachers of English) has now been cancelled for late this year, making it a clean sweep of all major conferences in 2020. The conference coordinators are going to attempt to carry on the best they can with online presentations so we’ll see how that goes. Fingers crossed for everyone concerned, including me.

Meanwhile, my thanks to Jeanne Poland and Jane Yolen for leading the way in this month’s poetry challenge. Great fun so far and I must say the guys are going to have to go some to keep up. I haven’t given enough thought yet to what I’ll write about but can already see that June is busting out all over. So in spite of it all, come one come all, and let’s make poems together. Teachers, if you need any last minute exercises for your students, please don’t forget the opportunity to post their work here.

2 comments on “About June and Poetry Pals and conferences and poems

  1. I have a lot of catching up to do. I’ve miss a lot of your blogs because of circumstances beyond my control. “Poetry Pals” sounds like a lot of fun. I’ll be tuning in each week.

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