Updates on two books

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I finished reviewing and making final tweaks to a new collection of poems with Holiday House wonderfully illustrated by Kate Cosgrove and headed for a 2021 publication. I’m not at liberty to show pictures, provide samples of the poems, or provide the title of the book, but I’ll follow up with more information one of these days when I can. Kate illustrated AND THE BULLFROGS SING so you may remember her beautiful work on that one.

I also received promotional material for GUIDED PRACTICE FOR READING GROWTH, co-authored with Laura Robb and due out with Corwin September 8, 2020. Once I figure out how to post a pdf to my blog, I’ll share some of that material. You’ve already seen the cover but here it is again.

2 comments on “Updates on two books

  1. It’s so nice to see that some bits of life are moving ahead as usual! Your books give us all something to look forward to! Thanks for the update!

    • Su, thank you so much. Looks like I’ll have two new titles in September one week apart. Unless things have opened up by then, they will go the way of AFTER DARK — with few opportunities to go out and champion them. Fingers crossed!

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