Word of the Month for July and last broadcast of POETRY PALS

Hi everyone,

My thanks to all you poets who posted the poetic results of considering the stories tucked away in our first ever combined word(s) of the month: bust/burst. I’ve loved them all and know from your comments that you enjoyed the month too.

For July let’s go with a word suggested last month by Su Hutchens: FORWARD. I bet we get some dandies. Please remember, this blog does its best to stay out of politics and religion. It’s strictly a “can’t we all just get along” sort of spot in space where we can meet, practice our craft, and share our results to an appreciative audience, so let’s have fun and keep moving forward.

I hope you’ve been listening to the KSMU Radio broadcasts of POETRY PALS each Wednesday morning at 9:45 Central Standard Time in the United States. This morning is the final reading so don’t miss it. Here again is information about how you can listen in.

If you live in the area, here are your dial locations.
91.1 FM in Springfield
90.5 FM in Point Lookout/Branson;
90.3 FM in West Plains;
88.7 FM in Mountain Grove;
98.9 FM in Joplin;
103.7 FM in Neosho

If you live anywhere else in the United States or in another country, you can hear POETRY PALS at KSMU-Ozarks Public Radio live-streaming on its website: http://www.ksmu.org. POETRY PALS has been a collaboration of KSMU, Springfield-Greene County Library District, and me. Please consider providing support by sending your positive comments about what they are doing to News Director Jennifer Moore (jennifermoore@missouristate.edu )

7 comments on “Word of the Month for July and last broadcast of POETRY PALS

  1. Forward (Sort Of)

    I was not a forward girl,
    though I had a forward mouth,
    my feelings leaning toward the north,
    my breeding from the south.
    My mother from VIrginia,
    but New York at my feet.
    My hand waved madly in each class.
    I jaywalked on the street.
    And as for boys, I did not care.
    I did not date or kiss.
    My passions led to poetry
    and writing was my bliss.
    But when it came to lots of noise–
    I sure competed with the boys.

    ©2020 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

  2. Squeaking screen door

    Down at corner store hot summer afternoons begin
    old men one hand around sweating soda pop glass
    other moving checkers on board next to black pot belly stove
    matters not who wins winning can be a bore
    better just telling or listening stories causing them grin
    displayed on shelves set things may never be sold
    comes in interrupting strangers stopping directions ask
    thinkers answer but first scratch thumb and forefinger on chin
    was a time finding squeaking screen door corner stores we looked forward to
    now when we stumble on places like this we begin
    looking back remembering when

    William Joe Pyles

    • William, thanks to these beautiful early responses from you and Jane, I’m excited about what this month’s poets will bring to delight us. You poem takes me directly back in time to Mr. White’s Store at the foot of Mumford Drive just outside the city limits of Springfield. Thank you for that.

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