RUM PUM PUM comes out today

Hi everyone,

Today is the birth day of RUM PUM PUM. I am delighted about that. Today at 1:00 EST, Holiday House will post on its Facebook page (( ) the 4-way chat recorded yesterday with our editor, Grace Maccarone, posing questions to co-authors David L. Harrison and Jane Yolen and our artist, Anjan Sarkar. We had a lot of laughs making it and I hope you’ll take a while to watch. You can post questions if you like.

Also, today I posted a new picture on FAMILY at that I hope you’ll go see. Don’t forget I always want more pictures featuring small children and books. Send to me as jpg to

Thanks, everyone.

7 comments on “RUM PUM PUM comes out today

  1. David: great interview. I thoroughly enjoyed it. So interesting to see inside the heads of two great writers. I’ve ordered the book! Hope to have soon. Thanks to everyone for making the interview available.

    • Thank you, Patricia. Time passed quickly. I was impressed by Anjan and his work. He has two kids, 7 and 10, so his people are OUR people. Thank you for ordering a copy of our book. Much appreciated. I hope to start seeing some reader comments begin to pop up on Amazon soon.

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