1 of every 6 1/4 words has to go today

Hi everyone,

The article I’ve mentioned is finished. I’ve said in it what I want to say. It’s tight. I reads well. It’s ready to be published. Except for one thing. It’s too long. Right now it runs 2,400 words and the strict limit is 2,000. This isn’t an unusual problem, is it? We writers love our turns of phrases and tend to overwrite during early drafts, counting on the revision process to bring us in where we need to be by the time we finish. In this case, though, I have 2,400 words I like and want to keep — but 400 of my babies have to go. That’s 4 of every 25 words, 2 of every 12 1/2.

So here I go. This, I have promised myself, is the last day I want this piece on my to-do list. It will be done by the time this day is. Or at least it will be ready to send to the person I’m writing about for some fact checking and general review. After that, well, after that we’ll see where we are.

2 comments on “1 of every 6 1/4 words has to go today

  1. Every now and then I remember back to when I was a kid, and “having” to write a certain amount of words was such chore! What??!! An entire page, teacher? How can I ever write that much? And then, magically, something “changed” – and now the problem is just the opposite. Funny how things change!!

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