A good diet

Hi everyone,

Another good week shared with Robin and Jeff.

Didn’t make quite as much progress on the books with Tim Rasinski and Mary Jo Fresch as last week but it was still decent. In the fourteen days since I started work on the project, I’ve written fourteen poems, each to a different prompt, mostly good with a few that still need work. I have thirty-six more to do.

Today is dedicated to other matters. I’m enjoying the routine of hitting one project hard for four days and taking the fifth day off to think other thoughts. It’s like having dessert after a great four-course meal. If I could maintain the current pace, I could finish in another eight weeks, but I have a busy schedule the rest of March and all of April so I probably need to add at least two weeks to my completion date, which makes it about June 1. The contract calls for completion of the first book by then so I should be in good shape. But this is a four-way collaboration (counting our editor, Maria Chang) so a lot can happen between here and the finished books. I plan for a perfect world and stand by for the unexpected.