The bridge to happiness

Hi everyone,

It’s officially toad season here at Goose Lake. Two afternoons ago Sandy and I were sitting on the patio when I noticed a pair of toads in the brackish water above our pool cover. They were intent on the business at hand. Some time ago our grandson, Tyler Williams, gave me a small device that makes it possible for creatures to climb their way to safety from the pool rather than eventually drowning in vain attempts to climb up over the edge of the liner. Sandy remembered the bridge so I established it at the edge of the pool near where they were having their date.

I even used one of our little frog weights beside the pool as a model. (:> For the past two nights we’ve enjoyed the mating calls of two toads and know that before long our evenings will trill with a growing chorus of amorous males, each attempting to out-sing their competitors to win the hearts of their admiring listeners.

Late night in the rain I opened the patio door in the dark and by flashlight made out a lusty male tenor, sitting on the bridge. Tyler, on behalf of our toad population I send you their expressions of gratitude.