Proud of the new book

BULLETIN: I’m happy to say that THE DIRT BOOK just went up at #1 New Release in Children’s Zoology Books. With the real release date still 41 days away, that seems like a good sign.

He everyone,

Yesterday Kate Cosgrove posted about receiving her samples of THE DIRT BOOK, which I wrote and she illustrated for Holiday House. It has a June 8 publication date and preorders have been active for some time now. I was jealous because my samples hadn’t come yet. As I was typing my comment on Kate’s post, my box of books arrived.

THE DIRT BOOK, which is about creatures that live at least some part of their lives underground, is receiving strong reviews that will start going up in May. Hey, Kate, way to go!

20 comments on “Proud of the new book

    • Good morning, Su, and thank you. I loved Kate’s work in AND THE BULLFROGS SING, too. Here’s to the next one.

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  2. Congratulations, David. I know I will love this new book. I have, for your information, been out digging in the dirt this am!

  3. David, congratulations on your new release. It comes at just the right time. I have to say that Mother Nature has been acting very strange lately. There have been serious wind storms lately that make digging a bit problematic.

    • For sure, Ma Nature has been cranky this spring. I hope she works through her mood before much longer!

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