Happy birthday, Robin Lynn Harrison Williams!

I love being your dad.

Hi everyone,

I’m delighted by the latest review of The Dirt Book, set for June 8, this one by the Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

“Creatures large and small retreat/ where boulders rest and tree roots drink./ There’s more to dirt than we might think.” So advises David Harrison, who offers fifteen poems in a satisfying variety of poetic forms to explore the vitality, benign and sinister, that hums along underground, largely ignored by humans. He begins with musings on the composition of dirt and the tangle of roots that host hidden life, then turns to specific animals that generally evade our view, from earthworms (“Earthworm crawls./ earthworm creeps,/ earthworm tunnels,/ rarely sleeps”) to the moles that prey upon them (“furry demons on patrol/ working where it’s black as coal./ Tracking down a worm’s the goal/ of every tiny mole troll soul”)… The vertical double spread layout showcases activity at different depths, with Cosgrove’s lush colored pencil and digital renderings an array of sophisticated colors and designerly patterns that fairly begs to be translated to fabric print. End matter comprises a chatty paragraph of additional information and a brief bibliography for each poem.”