Starting Book #2

Hi everyone,

Today I move on to the second book with Tim Rasinski and Mary Jo Fresch. I wrote three poems for the original proposal so I still have 23 to go. If I can maintain the pace I met for the first book — five poems per week — I should finish by June 8, including a week of revisions when I finish the collection. But early June is pretty crowded with summer reading programs and activities around the June 8 pub date for THE DIRT BOOK, so I’m setting my goal to finish Book #2 for June 15.

While this is going on, I have three science-based picture books I’ll be working on as time permits. Next week Tim, Laura Robb, and I hope to get the green light for a new book that will require rather urgent attention. The potential publisher for that one is eager to get it to market as soon as possible. We have some trips planned, including Florida, Oregon, New York City, a riverboat cruise and attending an Andrea Bocelli concert. Today I’ll make a quick trip to Kansas City and back. It doesn’t look like I’m going to have a lot of blog time this year so sometimes I’ll be hit and miss.

7 comments on “Starting Book #2

    • Good morning, dear Jane, and thank you. I’ll do my best to be in touch much of the time. Even a quick visit on my blog helps me set my compass for the day.

  1. Whew!! You are one busy guy! Remember to take time to smell the roses now and then! Have a safe trip to KC today.

  2. This is all wonderful news, David. I read your blog off and on (busy) and I love that you are working with Tim and I think that your books will be such a contribution to teachers and kids. You have wonderful plans ahead. So happy for you and your wife to travel and write and enjoy life.

    • Thank you, Janet. 2021 promises to be a good year and I’m ready to enjoy it. I hope your own year is a grand one, too.

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