No one to blame but myself

Hi everyone,

While driving to and from Kansas City yesterday, alone on the return trip, I began to form a poem in my mind, partly to pass time but mostly because I’m tied to Book #2 for the next several weeks and wanted to make the trip count. By the time we pulled into our driveway I had all but finished a rough of the poem and needed to get it onto paper at once.

Unfortunately, we found other things that needed doing after we got home and several hours passed before I sat down with a pen and pad — and by then some of the key phrases had already slipped away. I captured what I could, and this morning I’m in a serious search for the rest. Surely those missing links are still floating around up there, playing a wretched game with me of hide-and-go-seek.

17 comments on “No one to blame but myself

  1. It is beyond frustrating, not one bit a-muse-ing, when that happens, David! Just relax, breathe, put them out of your mind, and when you are not looking (fingers and favorite pen crossed) —-those wisps of phrase fluffs will miss you and float their way back . . .

    • Thank you, dear Cory. I continue to learn from those I’ve been fortunate to meet in workshops and elsewhere over the years. Sending love and appreciation.

  2. That is frustrating! Have you ever used a recorder? Maybe for while driving you could find a safe one.

    • Thanks, Marie. I know better and have used my phone recorder in the past. This time? Who knows. As Forrest Gump’s mother told him, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

  3. I feel your pain, Cuz! Hopefully those precious words will reveal themselves when you least expect it. Sometimes mine revisit when I’m doing the dishes, scrubbing the bathroom or doing laundry!

    • For better or for worse, Pamela, I finished the “new and improved” poem yesterday and today I’ll start on a new one — on paper. I hope things are good with you.

  4. So disappointing when that happens! I had a brilliant idea just the other day (well, what there was of it, ha!), and as soon as it began formulating in my brain one of the kids needed something urgently, so I took care of that and – gone. >sigh<

    • Oh yes, and haven’t we all been there, Matt! Can’t live with them or without them. But somehow the heart always wins over the brain. If kids and puppies weren’t so cute, there would surely be fewer of each.

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