A new book soon to be underway

Hi everyone,

On Friday we (Laura Robb, Tim Rasinski, and I, received confirmation of an offer to come on a new book we’ve proposed together. I’ll provide more details when we have them, but for now I’m celebrating the thought that an exciting new book for classroom elementary teachers will soon get under way.

If I can finish current commitments on schedule, I might get started on my parts by July or August,. Hooray!

6 comments on “A new book soon to be underway

    • Good morning, Su, and thank you. I consider myself to be one lucky man. There’s also another possibility in the “possible” stage. Should it come through, that would make four education books this year. I’m not going to have a lot of room for other projects in 2021, but you’ll hear no complaints from me. Hugs

      • Enjoy!!!

        I’m heading to a first grade class today. Will be slipping and sliding down the mountain this morning, as it’s snowing! Coming down pretty good right now.

      • Slippy-slide pretty, and tell the kids I think they are lucky to have such a wonderful teacher with them today.

  1. Hooray to you, Tim and Laura. Tim is a friend, so I have visited his Camp Read A Lot and loved it. I am SO happy you are working with such incredibly devoted reading leaders. You know I am passionate about using poetry with students in the most beautiful, unobtrusive, happiest of ways. I know your work will continue to help this book reach a level that teachers will (should) love. If I return to subbing, I will look forward to trying your ideas out!!

    • Good morning, Janet. You’re right. I’m fortunate to work with such masters as Tim, Laura, Mary Jo, and others in various projects over the years. I’m eager to get started on this newest one.

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