A picture and a question

Hi everyone,

Ozarks Literacy Council is partnering with noted photographer Randy Bacon to revise an event he did for the Council almost 20 years ago, “Words and Pictures.” In the original collection, I appeared with Sandy Asher, with whom I had partnered on various projects to promote literacy such as America Writes for Kids, and opera star Jim Billings. That was before Sandy and Harvey moved from Springfield to Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

I’m honored to be a subject in this anniversary event, which will feature 20 people and is scheduled to be shown in March 2022. To accompany my portrait, I’ve been asked to provide a sidebar of 750 words or so about why I became involved in promoting literacy originally (2022 will mark my 40th year) and why I remain involved today. Specifically, I was asked to respond to this: “You could just as easily have focused on being an author. We want to get the HEART of why literacy is important to you.” No one has asked me to address that issue before. This is going to take some thought. I’ll sit for the picture this morning at 9:30. I’ll wrestle with my response to the question soon.

7 comments on “A picture and a question

  1. Whatever your answer, I am very grateful for your work promoting literacy! SPS libraries and thousands of students have benefitted, along with the entire Springfield community. Thank you, David.

  2. Years ago when trying to decide if I wanted to tackle coordinating a state reading conference, a student noticed I was deep in thought. He questioned what I was thinking about, and I explained how much work this job would entail and why I was not sure about doing it. Without hesitation, the boy replied,”Mrs. Hutchens, you love books and you love kids. What’s there to think about?” He was correct…and I coordinated the conference. (And I thank my lucky stars that I did, because I met so many wonderful people because of it!) I would say that you, David, share these same feelings….you love books and kids!

  3. Ozarks Literacy Council is honored to have you a part of the exhibit! Thank you for sharing your insight and motivation to focus on literacy through out your life.

    • Hi Amy! Thank you again for having me back. I’m happy to be part of this new project. Randy is a master at what he does. The photo session was great fun.

  4. Having been a language arts teacher, literacy is near and dear to my heart. Thank you for promoting literacy, cousin! You are certainly a wonderful choice for this project.

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