An artist at work

Hi everyone,

I had a fine time yesterday having my picture taken by master portrait photographer Randy Bacon. Randy was assisted by Cindy Dodson who snapped this shot during the shoot and sent it my way. I like this picture and wanted to share it today. Thanks again to Randy for joining forces with Amy Jardell and the folks at Ozarks Literacy Council to celebrate the 20th anniversary since an original event to encourage and support efforts to focus on improving literacy. There are to be twenty people featured in the exhibit, which will open in March 2022. I’m honored to be one of them.

8 comments on “An artist at work

  1. It was such a pleasure meeting you and talking with you. Like a good book, it left me wanting more! Hope to see you again soon! You are a treasure.

    • Cindy, the pleasure was mine. Thank you for all your kind help before and during the session with Randy. I’m sure we’ll meet again.

    • Good morning, Amy. It was good to see Randy again. It had been years. Thank you for inviting me to return for this 20th anniversary. I hope the project is a huge success!

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