Virtual book talk at Left Bank Books tomorrow

Hi everyone,

Here’s a short reminder that tomorrow (Tuesday), Kate Cosgrove and I will “appear” at Left Bank Books in St. Louis to introduce and talk about our new book, THE DIRT BOOK, at 11:00 CT.

To join us, here’s the link. Hope to see you there.

And the goo foffing winner is…

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your help when I asked your opinions about how I should spell “goo foffing.” The polls closed last night and I’m proud to say that 25 of you cast you ballots here and on Facebook. Here are the results.

10 for goo foffing

6 for goof offing

4 for goo-foffing

2 for GooFoffing

2 for goofoffing

1 for foffing

0 for goo f offing

Looks like I’m cleared to continue goo foffing into the future. Thank you again for helping me solve this puzzlement!