The perfect smoothie

Hi everyone,

Yesterday afternoon I decided to save a banana that was going soft by making smoothie. I filled the blender with a large glass of ice cubes. It needed more so I added a second glass. It still needed more ice so I used a third., This filled the blender to the rim. I was afraid that might be too much but what the heck. I broke the banana into gooey chucks and wondered what else we had that I could use. Already I was concerned about getting the lid closed over all the ice and the banana pieces.

I remembered we had what was left of a box of blueberries. In they went. Last week we brought home some strawberries from an orchard on Highway 13 when I drove to Leeton. I tossed in a handful. Milk? Why not? This was going to be a healthy smoothie. Cream? Not a lot but a little would be fine. For sure I needed to add more liquid to mix with all that ice. I dug out a carton of vanilla ice cream and added a scoop. That wasn’t exactly liquid but I knew it would add body. I added a second scoop. There was a lot of ice after all. This was looking better all the time. i tried jamming shut the lid. It was a challenge, but the smoothie definitely needed more liquid.

I needed to be creative. In went two cups of Mud Slide mix. Okay, you’re right if you guessed that Mud Slide is a rum-based drink. But it’s mostly chocolate, I told myself. Thinking about chocolate sent me to the refrigerator for the chocolate syrup. A nice big squirt, two, did wonders for the complexion of the concoction that now threatened to overflow the blender. I was ready!

I crammed the lid on tight, plugged in the blender, and hit the grind button. What a racket! Liquid. I needed more liquid or my poor blender was going to kill itself trying to crunch up all that ice. Quickly, I cast about the kitchen for something to save the day. Just like that, my man-brain clicked in. Vodka! It didn’t take much, a 1 1/2 ounce jigger. Perfect! Almost. A second jigger and my blender was smiling at me.

Turned out my smoothie filled three of the biggest glasses we own to the brim. Spoons stood up in them. We sat out on the patio at 6:00 to enjoy my masterpiece. Sandy somehow managed to finish her glass. I helped by drinking the other two. Dinner time came and went. We didn’t seem to feel like fixing anything. Maybe later. We went to bed at 11:00. Nothing more had been said about eating. I’m not hungry this morning either. But I still feel fine. That banana made a fantastic smoothie.