The rewards of observation

Hi everyone,

Writers are forever telling kids (and others) that ideas are often inspired by observation. Yesterday a small invasion of blackbirds provided me with a fun example that will go into a PowerPoint one of these days. The marauders chased away all the smaller birds around the feeders, helped themselves to grass seed recently sprinkled on bare spots in our yard, and topped it off with a quick drink for the road. I snapped a few pictures from my kitchen with chairs and tables in my way. I didn’t dare get closer to the sharp-eyed pirates. Even so, I was rewarded with a drama worth watching and tucking away for a time when such behavior might be needed.

Just what I need, a little splash and a cool drink. Ahh.

Mine, ladies. Don’t even think about it.

What did I just tell you???

Sulk all you want, but this water belongs to me!


Sometimes you simply have to remind them who’s boss.

Hey leave me out of this. I only drink chlorinated water.