Book store today

Hi everyone,

This morning at 9:00 EST I’ll join artist Kate Cosgrove in a virtual visit to The BookMark, a fine book store in Neptune, Florida. I look forward to the opportunity to talk about THE DIRT BOOK and see Kate again. The new book is off to a good start and I hope this will make a few folks in the Neptune area aware of it. Maybe I should write a sand book as a sequel. Have a good weekend.

Skinny dipping with my wife

Hi everyone,

I’m winding down a good week of better than expected progress on “the” project. To celebrate I invited my sweetie to go skinny dipping last night. She said it sounded like fun. I beat her into the water. Do you suppose she chose to dispose of her clothes? That secret a gent would never disclose!

My last blog post for a while

Hi everyone,

This past week I wrote four poems and four 500-word essays for the Teacher Created Materials book with Laura Robb and Tim Rasinski. I’ll share the results with them in the morning so they can start working on their own contributions to the book. After that it’s all about the scope and sequence project with Tim from now until the last of the seventy-five poems is written.

I’ll come up for air when I can, most likely on Fridays or weekends. I know I’m going to miss writing a daily blog after twelve years. I’ll probably do a little better on Facebook so watch for me there.

Thank you for your kindnesses

Hi everyone,

Thank you for all your kind remarks yesterday when I explained why my blog and Facebook posts are going to be seriously curtailed until I get through these next few months. I’m sorry I couldn’t respond to all of them. I was here, just really busy. Now and then I would click on my blog or Facebook to see what was going on and read your lovely comments before getting back on task. I only answered a handful all day, and that bothered me because for all these years I’ve taken pleasure in responding to everyone who was nice enough to leave me a message.

Yesterday I concluded negotiations for a reprint request from a nonfiction book of mine about a cave discovered in Springfield in 2011. I asked to see the way to work was laid out discovered that several places have been changed by an unknown editor on the other end. Now I need to go back to the table to explain that excerpting from my book means they use the quoted material as it was written and published, not as edited by them. A crew of men was changed to a crew of people. A manhole was changed to a hole. Maybe they think it’s necessary to be genderless but I don’t. This was a factual account of an historical event. Sigh. I don’t have time for nonsense right now.

Do at least one fun thing today.

Making some temporary changes

Hi everyone,

I’ve just accepted, along with Tim Rasinski, a project to help revamp the early reading program for one of the twelve largest school districts in the nation. My part calls for writing seventy-five original poems suitable for the 40,000 K-2 students in the district. Final details are being formalized this week and I’ll begin work on Monday.

Although I’m delighted by the challenge and look forward to getting started, there’s a huge scheduling conflict. Tim and I, with Laura Robb, are supposed to be writing a new book for Teacher Created Materials right now, with a target deadline of December 15 and a pub date of early 2022. By squeezing in, more like shoehorning in, this new project, there’s no way to stick with the TCM schedule. The kind folks at TCM have graciously agreed to a several week delay in their plans.

So this has turned into my year to work on education books. I began on March 5 writing poems for the first of two books for Scholastic with Mary Jo Fresch and Tim, and finished last week. This week I’m getting in a few licks on the TCM book before shifting gears into the new project. The minute I finish with that, I’ll get back to the TCM book and hope to finish my part by the end of January. That will mean eleven straight months of writing poems for the classroom almost every weekday except when out of town or doing virtual visits.

There is no way this is going to happen without making more work time in the day so I’m making a hard decision to start Monday cutting blog posts to a minimum. Hopefully, it won’t take as long as expected to finish the last poem but at this early stage I’ll want to error on the side of being conservative.

Look for me on the blog when I have something I really want to say. I’ll try to keep up on Facebook but might fall behind in my responses there too. Sorry!