Playing with numbers

Hi everyone,

For the first time since March 5, I’m “between” projects. I plan to start work in mid-August on the book with Shell that Laura Robb, Tim Rasinski, and I signed last week. It’s due date is December 15. But for now I’m free to work on other ideas. I feel like writing something funny. A lot of books for kids these days are rather serious freighted with issues that are being talked about by adults.

I might also get caught up on some record keeping. Some years ago I started a document to bring all my published poems into one place. I haven’t touched it since 2016. At that time the document ran 500 pages. Since then I’ve published five new trade books and five more education titles plus the two more in the works. As part of that effort I started looking for anthologies and other publications with my name in them. There were an even 200, including excerpts from my work used in various state reading comprehension tests, translations, work published in English for English classes in other lands, and the like. There must be others in the last five years. Maybe I’ll take a couple of days to update the record. Probably no one but I cares about such a compilation, but by nature I tend to be a numbers guy.