If it isn’t one thing, it’s something else. Yay.

Hi everyone,

I’m spending today and maybe tomorrow tying up loose ends on Book #1 of the 2-book set with Tim Rasinski and Mary Jo Fresch for Scholastic. I need to replace one of the poems and write titles for all twenty-six. A proposal for a new project went out this morning so fingers crossed for that one.

At 1:00, Jen Murvin (Pagination Bookstore) and I will be interviewed by Ettie Berneking of 417 Magazine so I look forward to that. After that, the gym, then the rest of the day. I’m not pressing my luck in the gym yet. I’m not sure how hard to work since the pacemaker went in so for now I’m only doing twenty minutes every other day. I feel fine but need to check with my cardiologist before pushing any harder.

Sorry I haven’t written my poem for July yet but am working my way in that direction. I started to do it yesterday but decided instead to get back to updating the list of my published poetry. I made a decent start but now it looks like that little chore goes back to the rear burner again for the time being.

5 comments on “If it isn’t one thing, it’s something else. Yay.

  1. Hi David!
    A blast from your past. Donna Alley Welsch here, cellist from the Central High School Orchestra as well as the Springfield Symphony Orchestra in Springfield, MO.
    I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of years now and have enjoyed it immensely. Somehow I thought you would probably end up being an engineer. How delightful that you are an author of wonderful children’s books and poems. I enjoy reading about your adventures in the literary world. After living in several different cities and traveling the world with my husband, I am back in Cincinnati, OH where we have a great arts community and one of the top symphony orchestras in the country. I no longer play but am very active as a donor and volunteer with our orchestra. Keep on writing those not so serious books and poems. The world, especially our grandchildren and great grands, need a little more humor and fun in their lives these days.
    Best Regards,
    Donna Alley Welsch

    • Donna, what a wonderful surprise! Thank you for this delightful note and update. Were you a librarian in Cincinnati or elsewhere? I interviewed there in 1963 with Proctor & Gamble. I believe I spoke there once at a conference, but otherwise haven’t visited your fair city. In Drury I began with an engineering major but in year two switched to biology. One reason I changed was to study under a professor I admired. Unfortunately, he died during the summer, but I stayed with my change and never regretted it. I don’t play my horn anymore. A few years ago I had it refurbished, hoping it would inspire me to start practicing, but so far no luck. I hope your grandchildren and great grands like some of my books. Thanks again for getting in touch!

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