Dreaming my life away

Hi everyone,

I’m potentially one day from an editorial meeting that will determine if a new educational proposal with Tim Rasinski will be accepted. If it is, I won’t have that window of time I was expecting until mid-August when I’ll begin work on the book for Shell with Laura Robb and Tim Rasinski. In anticipation of getting the green light, I’ve already begun work on the first of what would be 75 new poems.

If the proposal is accepted, I’ll have very little time for the rest of the year to develop new ideas for trade publishers. The other day Nikki Grimes was relating how she has recently pull some old manuscript out of storage and given them fresh chances to be accepted. Jane Yolen does now and then. So does Sandy Asher and any number of other writers including me. That might be about all I’ll have time for. That’s not altogether bad though. I once sold a book years later to an editor who had turned it down in the first place.

4 comments on “Dreaming my life away

  1. My five-year-old has just discovered your book of giant stories. So we looked you up to see what else you have written. So thank you from my little Amy Lee, Who is right now sitting on our swing on our deck in the evening here in the woodlands of Pennsylvania (when she really should be in bed) asking me to please read your Book of Giant Stories!

    • Dear Eva,
      You have truly made my day. Please tell Amy Lee for me that an old man in Missouri is very happy to know she is meeting my giants and little boy. It’s one of my all time favorite books and I hope she will like it too. And you are so kind to tell me. I’m delighted.

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