A thank you note can mean so much

Hi everyone,

Those of us who write love it when someone sends a note of appreciation. I got one yesterday. You may have seen it posted as a comment to my blog post. It came from Eva, who lives in Pennsylvania.

“My five-year-old has just discovered your book of giant stories. So we looked you up to see what else you have written. So thank you from my little Amy Lee, Who is right now sitting on our swing on our deck in the evening here in the woodlands of Pennsylvania (when she really should be in bed) asking me to please read your Book of Giant Stories!”

Eva must be a writer, too, by the way she paints such a beautiful image with a few carefully arranged words. The note arrived as we were sitting down for dinner and I told my tablemates about it as we began to eat. It filled me with happy pride to know that as I sat surrounded by people I love, a little girl in Pennsylvania was cuddled next to her mother, listening to stories in a book I wrote forty-nine years ago in 1972.

The Book of Giant Stories has been translated into a dozen or so languages and used extensively in anthologies. It has been around so long that on occasion it has been mistakenly taken as a classic handed down from antiquity. In 1973 the book received a Christopher Award, which was established in 1949 by Father James Keller of the Christopher Foundation. The award was created “to salute media that affirm the highest values of the human spirit.” I know that other recipients during the 72-year-history of the awards include Jane Yolen, Ralph Fletcher, Charlotte Zolotow, David Macaulay, Arnold Lobel, and Lee Bennett Hopkins. No doubt you would know many others as well.

Thank you, Eva, for stirring so many warm memories.