My Word of the Month poem for July

Hi everyone,

Here’s my poem, inspired by July’s word — poem.

A Poem Begins with the Weather

Today I’m inspired to write a poem

about a cat I had as a child, half wild (the cat),

sweet, as a kitten, a tough Tom when he grew up

to prowl the neighborhood picking fights,

which makes me think of an Irish uncle I had named Tom,

who, for all I know, might have been a sweet child,

but grew up to be a profanity of a man who once cussed

in front of my mom, and my Uncle Wayne, a gent with

Old World manners, took Uncle Tom to task

while my mom sort of smiled. But back to my Tom

cat that ran off the week before we moved

to a different house and I never saw him again.

It was a gray, rainy day the last time I saw Corky

(my cat was named Corky), just like today,

and that made me think of Corky and how much I cried

and missed him and kept going back for months

to look for him and call his name and leave water.

I was nine years old. I grew up to cuss some, but

I have good manners, and if my mom reads this,

I bet she’ll smile.

(c) David L. Harrison, 2021