Home again home again

Hi everyone,

Home again. It takes fourteen hours, which we spread over two days, to drive from Springfield to Santa Rosa Beach, a four day roundtrip, but only 1 1/2 hours each way to fly. We flew this time. I drafted a poem during yesterday afternoon’s flight home and we arrived with time to spare for unpacking and enjoying the soup that our wonderful neighbor, Linda Goodman, had ready for us. Our dear friends, Larry and Maryann Wakefield, picked us up at the airport so you can’t make a trip from Florida easier than that.

This morning it’s back to work, the view of Goose Lake a familiar and comforting sight. All the beautiful plants and flowers we left twenty-four days ago are as gorgeous as when we left, thanks again to Linda.

This promises to be an eventful week as some scheduling issues get settled. If things go as I hope, my writing time will be taken for a long time to come. More about it as I go through the week.

For now, it’s good to be home and back in our Springfield routine.