Thank you for your kindnesses

Hi everyone,

Thank you for all your kind remarks yesterday when I explained why my blog and Facebook posts are going to be seriously curtailed until I get through these next few months. I’m sorry I couldn’t respond to all of them. I was here, just really busy. Now and then I would click on my blog or Facebook to see what was going on and read your lovely comments before getting back on task. I only answered a handful all day, and that bothered me because for all these years I’ve taken pleasure in responding to everyone who was nice enough to leave me a message.

Yesterday I concluded negotiations for a reprint request from a nonfiction book of mine about a cave discovered in Springfield in 2011. I asked to see the way to work was laid out discovered that several places have been changed by an unknown editor on the other end. Now I need to go back to the table to explain that excerpting from my book means they use the quoted material as it was written and published, not as edited by them. A crew of men was changed to a crew of people. A manhole was changed to a hole. Maybe they think it’s necessary to be genderless but I don’t. This was a factual account of an historical event. Sigh. I don’t have time for nonsense right now.

Do at least one fun thing today.

8 comments on “Thank you for your kindnesses

  1. “I don’t have time for nonsense right now.”
    Quite right. Stay your ground. It’s becoming ridiculous in regards to genderlessness and inclusivity even among doctors. Nowadays they try to inforce it’s not pregnant women, it’s pregnat people. I’ve even heard about some schools teaching that boys can have periods too. It’s very confusing being a child today.

    • Thank you, Su. It’s a 4-figure fee but I’ve told them I’ll withdraw permission if they don’t quote it exactly as published and send me the new layout so I can see it myself.

      • I’m sick and tired of all of this “political correctness” that’s going on. Hold on to your values!! YOU are correct!

  2. Just had a chance to check in now and saw this…so sorry to hear what happened! It’s a shame the editor made changes without even contacting you first. But glad to hear your project with Tim is full-speed ahead. Hang in there, my friend!

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