My last blog post for a while

Hi everyone,

This past week I wrote four poems and four 500-word essays for the Teacher Created Materials book with Laura Robb and Tim Rasinski. I’ll share the results with them in the morning so they can start working on their own contributions to the book. After that it’s all about the scope and sequence project with Tim from now until the last of the seventy-five poems is written.

I’ll come up for air when I can, most likely on Fridays or weekends. I know I’m going to miss writing a daily blog after twelve years. I’ll probably do a little better on Facebook so watch for me there.

6 comments on “My last blog post for a while

  1. And we’ll miss you, David! But knowing that your projects are going to reach thousands (or more) of school kids is SO exciting!! All the best, and we’ll enjoy even more the special moments you check in! ❤️ ~Susie

  2. I’ll miss reading your posts on your daily musings, but I will be cheering you on, dear cousin, as you become a poem-writing machine. When you take a breather now and then, I’ll be checking your blog for news. Congratulations on accomplishing so much writing during the past week and on this exciting new assignment.

    • Hey cuz, I’ll miss the blog, too, but I just don’t see any way to keep it going daily for now. Thanks for missing me!

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