The Word of the Month word for August

Hi everyone

Kaye Cosgrove and I enjoyed our virtual visit yesterday morning to The BookMark in Neptune, Florida. I hope sometime to get over that way to meet Rona Brinlee and the gang in person. The picture is in a different place (SunDog Books in Seaside, Florida) and a different book (AND THE BULLFROGS SING, but also illustrated by Kate), but it’s hard to take a picture when you’re doing a virtual visit. If it helps any, yesterday I wore the same shirt and shorts.

Time to put away your “poem” poems and write your “weed” poems. I’ve been looking back through the records and it appears that we’ve never used that word before.

So off we go. Let’s see your weedy best!

5 comments on “The Word of the Month word for August

  1. Clover
    Fingers sift through weeds.
    Eyes searching through green and brown.
    Quest for four-leaf prize.

    Hubby and I were recently in Sitka, Alaska, and he was puzzled one day as I walked by a large patch of clover, grass, and assorted weeds. When he asked why I had stopped, I quickly replied, “Looking for four-leaf clovers, of course!!”

    • Good morning, Su. Thank you for kicking us off, and with a haiku at that. I hope you found that magic clover.

  2. My Little Town

    My little town
    is up to speed.
    Old tobacco barns
    packed tight with weed.

    The farmers as a lot
    disapprove of the sale.
    They’d rather make their money
    on cukes or kale.

    But weed is easy to plant
    and raise.
    And just as they did
    in the good old days

    Of planting and selling
    tobacco by the lot,
    they take no blame
    for the damage they’ve wrought.

    2021Jane Yolen all right reserved

    • Jane, two poems in and already the versatility of this month’s word is evident. Thank you for yours and I look forward to seeing what else we all have in store.

  3. Ozarks Roadsides

    Milk weed orange blooms in sun
    Monarchs flying back come
    to take a taste a tiny bite for them
    and then place an egg on a stem

    Make the road look beautiful mowed
    less concern of consequences will be showed
    trimming right aways closer to ground
    and less and less Monarchs will fly around

    William Joe Pyles

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