I WANT AN APPLE coming to a book store or library near you soon

Hi everyone

I WANT AN APPLE will be released twelve days from now on October 12. This one’s for the younger set, ages 4-7 or so.

Holiday House is publishing the book and David Catrow illustrated it. David has illustrated many bestselling books including When God Made You by Matthew Paul Turner, I Like Myself! by Karen Beaumont, and Take Me Out of the Bathtub and Other Silly Dilly Songs by Alan Katz. He received a New York Times Best Illustrated Award for She’s Wearing a Dead Bird on Her Head by Kathryn Lasky

“I want an apple. Smart brain, help me find one. Sniffy nose, smell the apple. Bright eyes, help me see it. Legs, feet, arms, teeth, tongue, tummy . . . and long intestine too . . . all snap into action when a child decides she wants an apple. A clever and humorous introduction to body parts and their function.”

“The illustrations are whimsical and full of movement. . . . The message about body positivity will resonate with all ages. A playful introduction to the body parts.”—Kirkus Reviews

8 weeks down, 7 to go

Hi everyone,

It was a good week, another six poems completed. I’ve now finished all of the poems for kindergarten students and 1st and 2nd grade students for the first and second quarters. What’s left are poems for 1st and 2nd grade kids for the third and fourth quarters.

Between now and the November 15 deadline I have trips to Portland, Crater Lake, and Sun River with Jeff and Jennifer; Kansas City to attend the Andrea Bocelli concert; Salt Lake City to be on a science poetry panel at the national conference of the American Association of School Librarians; and, closer to home, Mansfield, Missouri to participate in the Laura Ingalls Wilder Children’s Literature Festival. I still think I can meet the deadline but only if I don’t accept anything else between now and then. I’m practicing saying “No” in front of the mirror. I hope it works.

During this last week I received strong interest in a new book of poetry. No contract offer yet. The artist who would be illustrating the book is an old favorite partner but he won’t be free to get started for at least a year. For him I would wait.

Hop to It

Hi everyone,

From Janet Wong and Sylvia Vardell comes the good news that HOP TO IT, has made the finals for the Kids Book Choice Awards in the “Ages 8-12: Best Book of Facts” category. The collection features 100 poems by 90 poets.

If you are interested in voting, and getting your name on the list to receive free copies of five books, here’s more information.



Also, please let them know that we’re going to sponsor a #bestbookoffacts giveaway on Twitter (@pomelobooks). 

To have a chance to win a “book club set” of five books, people just need to tweet out something like the following (and tag us @pomelobooks and the #bestbookoffacts hashtag so we know they’ve done it):

—a photo of a note or quote from kids on why they love facts or books of facts;

—a photo of a kid or kids (hidden faces will be fine) pointing to a sign that says: “Facts + books = fun reading” or “We love facts” or “Facts RULE” or some other phrase to show that they value facts and nonfiction books.

On 9/30 Janet and Sylvia will choose winners of the books and notify them via Twitter.

My Word of the Month poem for October

Hi everyone,

Sorry to be so slow. It’s hard to write on horseback. Here’s my October offering.

Night Lights

Blinker on,

Blinker off.

It’s growing late.

He needs a mate.

Blinker on,

Blinker off.

In the night,

A welcome light.

Blinker on,

Blinker off.

A come-hither flicker.

He’s blinking quicker.

Blinker on,

Blinker off.

He has no clue.

If he only knew.

Blinker on,

Blinker off.

He’ll be a treat

She means to eat.

Blinker on,

Blinker off.

Too soon too late,

He learns his fate.

Blinker on,

Blinker off….

© 2021 David L. Harrison

There and back.

Hi everyone,

Home again to Goose Lake. Last week Sandy and I, with Larry and Maryann Wakefield, took a river cruise up the Mississippi from New Orleans to Memphis, mostly in the rain.

A few pretty hours though, including a nice sunset. Lots of day trips at ports along the way, including Natchez and Vicksburg. We had a fine time. Now it’s back in the wheel with some serious catching up to to.