Somebody Catch My Homework goes west

Hi everyone,

Yesterday Sandy Asher and I learned that her play inspired by my poems will be produced next in Missoula, Montana. I’ve lost track of all the places the play has been produced since its premiere in Springfield in 2002. Along the way it earned The Charlotte B. Chorpenning Playwright Award. Here’s the synopsis from the publisher of the play, Dramatic Publishing. A light-hearted, high-energy look at one eventful day in the life of fourth-grader Samantha, the new girl in town, who has lost her beloved cat, Corky. At the bus stop, Samantha meets three wacky new friends who welcome her into their class, which just happens to be studying the animal kingdom. Their search for essay topics takes them from a dinner table’s chicken thighs to the pasture of a bull not pleased to see visitors. A wayward wad of bubble gum, tuba practice and a sticky baby sister later, the busy day finally peaks with the rescue of Corky. Nineteen humorous—and sometimes serious—poems by David L. Harrison are woven into the script as dialogue. Instead of bursting into song, the characters break out into poetry! Incidental music composed especially for this play is available. Highly tourable by five actors. Somebody Catch My Homework also offers creative opportunities for a larger cast and/or audience participation.

I think (my) Sandy has relatives in Missoula and one of my favorite friends/authors, Sneed B. Collard III lives there too. When the play is produced in Montana, I might have to go out and sit in the audience!

2 comments on “Somebody Catch My Homework goes west

  1. Let me know when it’s ready to play! I’m always up for a road trip!!!

    Enjoy your long weekend! There’s still plenty of good weather to grill!

    • Keep those bags packed!
      I hope you and Danny have a good weekend in store. We have a list of honey-do stuff and think we can knock off a few of them. Hugs

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