Hop to It

Hi everyone,

From Janet Wong and Sylvia Vardell comes the good news that HOP TO IT, has made the finals for the Kids Book Choice Awards in the “Ages 8-12: Best Book of Facts” category. The collection features 100 poems by 90 poets.

If you are interested in voting, and getting your name on the list to receive free copies of five books, here’s more information.



Also, please let them know that we’re going to sponsor a #bestbookoffacts giveaway on Twitter (@pomelobooks). 

To have a chance to win a “book club set” of five books, people just need to tweet out something like the following (and tag us @pomelobooks and the #bestbookoffacts hashtag so we know they’ve done it):

—a photo of a note or quote from kids on why they love facts or books of facts;

—a photo of a kid or kids (hidden faces will be fine) pointing to a sign that says: “Facts + books = fun reading” or “We love facts” or “Facts RULE” or some other phrase to show that they value facts and nonfiction books.

On 9/30 Janet and Sylvia will choose winners of the books and notify them via Twitter.

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