Honoring Sandy Harrison

Hi everyone,

With pride and pleasure I want to tell you that today my wife Sandy is among five inductees into the Kickapoo High School Faculty Hall of Fame. This is the second year the honors have been bestowed on retired faculty members, chosen by the Alumni Association. The recognition was announced one year ago but the ceremony was delayed by the pandemic.

This occasion also marks Kickapoo High School’s 50th reunion. Missouri Governor Mike Parson attended opening festivities of last night’s football game, at which past homecoming queens, student body presidents, and cheerleaders were recognized.

Sandy was a guidance counselor at Kickapoo for twenty-one years and remains in touch with numerous former students from Hollywood to Singapore and scattered across the United States. During her tenure, Sandy was known as a go-to counselor for helping students decide on and gain acceptance to the best colleges, universities, armed forces, and other options to help them reach their goals. I can testify that in our travels, Sandy seldom passed a campus without stopping to meet admissions personnel to further her understanding of how to help students at Kickapoo and other schools. She took courses and seminars at Harvard, the Naval Academy, and the Air Force Academy as part of her own quest for knowledge.

Sandy has a large and devoted fan base, but no fan more devoted than I. It was my privilege to watch her through all those years earning the high accolades that are now being awarded to her. Way to go, Sandra Sue Kennon Harrison. Congratulations!

18 comments on “Honoring Sandy Harrison

  1. Wow! So beautifully said! I am so pleased Mom is being recognized and honored for her dedication to helping young people grow and flourish. She is truly a gifted and caring professional who has changed many lives. Friends have told me she saved them from a less desired path.

    Hurray for Mom! I’m so proud to be her son. Thanks for sharing this! I love and miss you both and so wish I could be there for this honor. Pics and video, please!

  2. Many hand claps from this end of the world to Sandy!

    The School Counselor

    She sits across the desk
    and tells you the truth,
    no glass ball needed.
    Her smile all the encouragement
    necessary for the tough choices ahead.
    Whether you are squirrel or panther,
    spider or pterosaur,
    she will see you through
    and celebrate with you after.

    For Sandra Sue Kennon Harrison

  3. That is wonderful news and sounds very well-deserved. I imagine you’ve helped carve a special path for so many, Sandy. Congratulations!

  4. Congratulations to your beautiful wife! Sandy certainly deserves this wonderful honor for all she has done to help others. What an amazing lady! I am so happy for both of you.

  5. Congrats to Sandy! It’s such an honor to know someone who was (and still is!) so dedicated to learning and students. The world needs more “Sandys!”

  6. Ms Harrison was my counselor over 25 years ago when I was at Kickapoo High School. She was not only my counselor but she was a role model to me. She was compassionate, empathetic, encouraging, helpful, and she always made time for students, even though she had so many (now that I am a counselor, I now know!). She made me feel valued, especially at a time in my life when I had little confidence in myself. I also felt seen by her and I felt that with her support, I could do anything. Her influence remains with me today in the work that I do, and I feel I would not have become a counselor without her impact and influence on me. She believed in me. Also, I have to say, she was always so composed and elegant – and I looked up to her, as one of the few Asians / minorities in a school of students who mainly from Missouri. I was from an immigrant family, and Ms Harrison always made me feel included and welcome – and I still remember this to this day. I try to carry what Ms Harrison gave me, and pay it forward, in my daily work here in Singapore, at the high school that I work at. Thank you, Ms Harrison, for being my counselor, for helping me get to college, for also being my role model and inspiration. -Joan Liu, Class of 1994

    • My dear Joan, thank you for such kind thoughts and response to my award. It was a beautiful day for me. It’s a joy that you are working to help students and make the world a better place.

      For some reason I always remember a composition you wrote, unless I’m wrong, about The Dandelion. How it’s not thouht of as a lovely plant.

      You were a delight at Kickapoo! Im wondering how Joseph is. So many years ago I had a lovely postcard from him. You carry on with your work to make a difference.

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