Kansas City, up and back

Hi everyone,

On Saturday we left from the Faculty Hall of Fame awards banquet to drive to Kansas City. Our bags were packed and in the car. We had tickets for the Andrea Bocelli concert at 8:00 so there wasn’t much time to spare. We went by Elaine Fry‘s home to pick her up and headed downtown to the T-Mobile Center. The area was jammed with people driving around looking for a parking spot. By the time we were finally in our seats it was after 8:00 but people were still streaming in so start time was delayed until nearly 8:30. The arena has a seating capacity of 18,972 and there were few empty seats. Among all those people, two old friends from middle school days, Mary Fry and Mary Irwin, were seated a few rows from our seats.

Bocelli was incredible. He’s the most popular tenor of all time and earned one standing ovation after another, ending with three encores. Another tenor, two sopranos, a pop singer, and a ballerina added to the evening’s program. It was a mess getting out of the building, and we didn’t get back to Elaine’s until midnight, but the day will go down as one of the best ever.

And the Chiefs won on Sunday. Was that a good weekend or what??

Sandy has barely made a dent in expressing her gratitude for all the sweet and wonderful comments about her special recognition Saturday morning. We just haven’t slowed down long enough yet.

2 comments on “Kansas City, up and back

  1. It was for sure, Su. We didn’t get to bed Saturday night until 1:00 and last night it was 12:30. i need my beauty rest!

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