More titles for the very young

Hi everyone,

Here’s one published by Random House called A MONSTER IS COMING! It’s about a tiny bug who is always hungry and his mother teasingly calls him a little monster. Another creature overhears the word “monster” and spreads the word in a panic. That’s where the fun starts as news is picked up and repeating through the forest. HANS WILHELM illustrated it.

Hans also illustrated this next one, WAKE UP, SUN!, also published by Random House. In this case, a dog wakes up in the middle of the night when a mosquito bites him on the ear. This sets off a search for the sun that awakes other farm animals who all search in vain until the farmer’s baby finally wakes up the sun.

And speaking of the sun, in PIGGY WIGLET’S GREAT ADVENTURE, a small pig escapes from his pen on the farm and sets off to catch the sun. His search leads him into town, up and down the streets, and in and out of the zoo before he finally heads for home where the sun waits just over his pen. This one has been published by two publishers and re-illustrated by the same artist. It’s out of print but you can still get a copy through used books.

2 comments on “More titles for the very young

    • Haven’t I been lucky, Su? Each of these stories brings back good memories of the time, place, and process that eventually ended in that book.

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