Last Word of the Month for 2021

Hi everyone,

Two girls reciting “It’s a Lollity Popity Day”

Believe it or not, we’ve come to the final poetry exercise of the year. You’ve done a splendid job throughout 2021 and I’ve enjoyed your poems and the many ways in which you’ve found stories in each of our eleven words: yes, replay, time, quarter, now, on, poem, weeds, light, change, and dirt. Jane Yolen, SU HUTCHENS, and SUSAN BICKEL have written a poem each month. Who else has? At the end of each month I add the new word and delete all the previous month’s poems and comments so there’s no way I can go back to see who else has blessed us with eleven new poems this year.

Time now to choose December’s word. Let’s go with EYES and see what we get. Go!

8 comments on “Last Word of the Month for 2021

  1. I’m ready for the challenge! Will use my hour-long drive time this morning to “see” what I can come up with for the word “eyes!” LOL!!

    Off to second grade again! Will be there the rest of this week and all of next. It’s fun to be with the same kiddos for a bit!

  2. I posted each month but in March I reposted my sister’s poem using the W.O.M. time so I can’t claim I have written every month.
    I want to comment: When I started posting in August 2020 I thought I would do it for a year as a way to honor and connect with my sister, Liz.. However a year has passed and I keep finding myself going back to the blog and participating in the W.O.M. I am not necessarily developing poetry skills but finding a place to reflect on and record ideas among a kind-hearted welcoming group..
    Thank you to David and everyone in this W.O.M. community.

    • Marge, thank you for your kind words and explanation of why you came to W.O.M. and why you have remained. I love this. Since I started this monthly feature in October, 2009, I’ve had the privilege of meeting a lot of good people and am proud of how so many have drawn together over the years. You have done Liz proud.

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