My Word of the Month poem for December

Hi everyone,

Here’s my poem for December: Eyes.

Randy Bacon at work with David

We roam costumed
as though going
to the same masquerade,
our souls exposed
in the pools of our eyes.

Noseless, chinless, mouthless,
we wander past eyes we know
but don’t recognize,
hesitant to dwell
for fear of seeming rude.

This may be the time
to pause more,
seek more,
lean in to read the open books
in the eyes.

(c) 2021 David L. Harrison 

9 comments on “My Word of the Month poem for December

  1. Sorry I’m chiming in a bit late here! Love this poem, David!

    I’m so weird – I absolutely DO NOT recognize people if I can’t see their eyes! Truly!

    I’ve had friends walk up to me with sunglasses on, and I don’t know who they are!

    Everyone having to wear a mask is bad enough….but if eyes are covered as well, I’d be clueless as to who I was talking with! Ha!

    • Strange, at least for me, that I don’t hesitate to look at people I don’t know if they’re not wearing masks. But if they are, I find it harder to gaze at them. I wonder whoy?

      • Interesting!!

        I wonder if it has something to do with “it’s not nice to stare at someone who is “different?” And wearing a mask is definitely “different” than we have ever been used to doing!

  2. Winter (Eyes) Ice

    By Ariel O’Suilleabhain

    When the time of cold comes
    Do not sob my small children
    Brighten up!
    Brighten up!
    Dry your eyes
    and go outside.
    For a snowman child
    not yet here sobs for you.
    Each future child snow girl or
    or snow boy awaits to be
    made by you.
    Snow boy wants your
    fresh sugar
    rolled grapes for eyes so that
    he can see what you see too.
    Each snow girl craves your
    dates for a mouth.
    A small cranberry must do
    for the nose.

    And remember those old clothes
    from snow seasons past you asked mom
    to throw out. Bring them out of your
    drawers and pull them out of boxes and
    don those snow children now. They must
    not be cold on such a season bright.

    Dress them and love them. And soon may
    so much joy flood your small hearts and souls.
    No more do you sob!
    No more do you grow!
    For you gifted happiness to another small snow
    girl and snow boy!

    See the frost on the pond has turned to ice.
    Open your eyes to see it at once!
    As winter draws nigh it is only for that such a
    different season has begun.

    The kindness delivered a froze over pond to enjoy
    and admire watching birds run across
    as small bird feet figure skate and skim across.
    They entertain you from your window bright while you
    drink hot chocolate and marsh mellows as a
    safe indoor warmth thaws your snow child coats.

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