Email Math

Hi everyone,

This time of year a lot of tying of loose ends is going on. I owe Laura Robb and Tim Rasinski several weeks of work to finish my parts of our book with Teacher Created Materials. I’ve committee to be done no later than the end of January. Meanwhile, I’m struggling to get ahead of incoming requirements. Yesterday morning I faced a backlog of 57 items, each of which would take some time to respond. Read this. Do that. Fill out this form. Write an into. That sort of thing.

I worked steadily all day with only a brief timeout to work on one of the poems for the TCM project. I made good progress. Yet this morning the backlog stands at 72. I’m afraid I’m failing Email Math. Goose Lake greets the dawn, smears on some makeup, and reminds me that my problems are of little concern to her or to anyone else. My problems…my worries. Time to get to it.