No party this year

Hi everyone,

I regret that I can’t work a virtual party at my place into the calendar this year. Last one I had was on December 16, 2020, only six days after MARY JO, TIM, and I sent our proposal to Scholastic that evolved over the months since into two volumes. This week we are reviewing the final layouts for the 1st book before it goes off to press and the 2nd one isn’t far behind.

Now I’m in the final sprint to finish my part of the book with LAURA and TIM for Teacher Created Materials and have promised to get there no later than the end of January. So no party. Not unless one of you would like to take over this one and make up for my lack of hospitality. Either way, I look forward to having another event in the spring and hope we’ll have a big turnout to make up for these weary months without enough merriment. Keep the faith! XO

2 comments on “No party this year

  1. A spring party would be great! Think of all the fun we could have sitting on the back porch watching Goose Lake and chatting with friends! Promise to light a fire, and maybe sing a song or two! Hugs!

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