The latest news

Hi everyone,

Our snow is gone now but two mornings ago we had enough to cover the ground. I glanced at the headlines when I went out to get the paper.

It reminded me of this poem, written after a similar morning experience years ago when I was at work on GOOSE LAKE.

Morning snow lies
zippered with clues
for mystery readers.

Did night spirits
nod mall-walker greetings --
		“Evening, Opossum,”
		“Evening, Skunk,” -- 
or conceal slyer agendas? 

What creature crouched
outside my door,
savoring hints of lasagna scraps
and chocolate?

Here, Big-Tracks lunges after
Small-Tracks, their encounter
scuffling the snow. Here,
Big-Tracks drags its trophy,
smoothing a path rabbit wide.

Hooves like Valentines cut in half
examine my pool,
unsafely tempted by day.

Nimble paws gain my planter,
leap down, turn the corner;
birdless feathers
tent like pick-up-sticks
beneath my feeder.

I read quickly.
Today’s wind soon sweeps
old stories out of print.