National Pizza Week poems

Hi everyone,

At TIM RASINSKI’s invitation I sent a poem for his post today at

My pal CHERYL HARNESS wrote a pizza poem, too, which I loved and sent along to Tim for his own pleasure. He agreed so much he used both poems. I hope you’ll give his post a look and leave whatever comments you choose.

6 comments on “National Pizza Week poems

  1. I just now printed off the pizza poems to share with the 3rd grade students today! They’re going to love them! You and Cheryl sure have a way with words – and cheese! LOL! And guess what’s on the lunch menu today? PIZZA!!! Going to try Tim’s Word Wall lesson with the kids, as well! Woot woot! It’s gonna be a great day!

    • Good morning, dear Su! Thank you for sharing our fun with your kiddos today. My hat is off to Tim Rasinski for his lifetime of work dedicated to helping young readers develop their skills and love the process of doing it.

  2. I shared both poems with my 3rd grade class on Friday morning. They loved them! Then, at the end of the day, I told them we had a mystery to solve, and did Tim’s word ladder to find the mystery word. Another big score with the kiddos! Thanks, Tim, David, and Sweet Cheryl for sharing your works!

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