A mixed week

Hi everyone,

I may not be blogging much this week. I have several things on my list that need attention. I need to make every minute count for the ongoing book project with LAURA ROBB and TIM RASINSKI. I need to write a letter of recommendation for a friend, and make a video with Tim and MARY JO FRESCH to promote our pair of books that come out on February 1.

The fun news is that I spoke yesterday with maestro PATRICK REYNOLDS of the Dayton Philharmonic Youth Orchestra and we agreed that I’ll make a series of videos to be part of the “Bugs” concert on March 20 in Dayton. There will be one video that will be aired as advance marketing for the performance, two of me reading poems from the book, BUGS, POEMS ABOUT CREEPING THINGS, and two others that are poems for two voices.

I’ll record my part here and my reading partner will be the orchestra’s pianist, live on the night of the concert. My image will be cast on a large screen above the orchestra so I’ll look down as though I’m looking at my reading partner and she’ll look up to the screen during her parts. If you’ve ever seen my Halloween poem with RENEE LATULIPPE, it will be similar to that. She was in her home in Italy looking to her right to “see” me and I was here looking left to “see” her. For this week I’ll just make two of the videos so that Pat can check how well my images will project on a screen that size. If it doesn’t work, he’ll make the recording from his end. Wish me luck!