Better run that by Sally

Hi everyone

A few weeks ago I featured a 2-voice poem from THE MOUSE WAS OUT AT RECESS: Have It Your Own Way. I was lamenting that I don’t read the poem aloud in schools any more because too many children don’t understand the humor in these days of “casual-izing” our language. Here’s the poem again.

Have It Your Own Way
Poem for Two Voices

(Isabelle)						(Teacher)

Me and Sally are pals!
						Sally and I are pals.
I didn’t know you knew her!
						I don’t.
Then why did you say,
“Me and Sally are pals?”
						Sally and I are pals.
You said it again!
You said,
“Me and Sally are pals!”
						Sally and I are pals!
Have it your own way.
You and her are pals.
But I don’t believe it,
And Sally won’t neither!

(c) 2003 David L. Harrison

What I didn't tell you was that Sally has become a character that Sandy and I turn to quite often in our conversations. When one of us is less that convinced about a statement, situation, etc., we're inclined to say, "I don't believe it, and Sally won't neither." Variations include, "Better run that by Sally," "I don't think Sally is going to buy that," and so on. Ah, the power of poetry! I wonder if anyone else can think of a character or quote from a poem that has become part of their vernacular.