A moon poem from Bryn

Hi everyone,

Our friend in England, BRYN STRUDWICK, is having trouble posting on my blog. Neither of us knows why he would be blocked after all these years of posting without a hitch. He’s going to try un-friending and re-friending me to see if that makes any difference. If not, we’re open to ideas from any of you tech-friends reading this. In the meantime, I’ll go on posting his poems for him to make sure you all get to see his work. When I posted my man in the moon poem, it reminded Bryn of one of his own and he’d like to share it. Enjoy.


The man in the moon came down to earth,
Though I suppose it was up for him.
He’d trained for months for this mission,
With endless hours in the gym.

Although his spaceship was heavy
And his fuel tanks had been full,
The take-off had been easy,
With no gravitational pull

The sight, looking back, had been awesome
He reported back to base,
“From way up here I am getting
An entirely new view of the place.

I can make out the Sea of Tranquillity,
Though I know it’s not really a sea.
And you’re never going to believe this,
But I think I can even see me”

He was grateful for his heat shield
As he entered the earth’s atmosphere.
And, to counter the gravitational pull,
He had to select reverse gear.

He landed, somewhat heavily,
Causing a traffic jam,
In a place called “Spaghetti Junction
In the middle of Birmingham 

As he stepped from his craft in his space suit,
He thought of something quite clever.
And radioed back to his moon base
Some words that would live forever.

“I’m the first moon man to land on earth.
Now others may follow behind.
One small step for a moon man,
A giant leap for moonkind.”

© Bryn Strudwick 2022