$10 at Costco

Hi everyone,

We love having flowers around and SANDY often brings some home from the grocery store. How’s this for a bargain way to add beauty to the day?

And just outside the window…

I do so love this time of year!

Sat out by the pool until 10:30 last night, first time on the patio this year. A toad serenaded us. I figured it was the one I rescued from the pool trap a few days ago. I love toads that show gratitude.

8 comments on “$10 at Costco

    • The legendary gratitoad? At my house? I’m honored to the point of tears, Jeff. Thank you for this brilliant insight. And to think, I actually touched it! Goose Lake is indeed a magical place!

  1. I wanted to get some tulips – we have some in the garden but I didn’t want to cut them – but the ones at the store were $16 a bunch.

    • How terrible, Yvona! Sounds like you encountered a severe case of tuliflation. Where will this end??

  2. my visitor yesterday brought a bouquet that now adorns my kitchen table, left me with a fresh resolution: I shall make sure to bring flowers home & put my pitchers & vases to good use.

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